• (EN) Liber Armadel
  • (EN) Liber Armadel
  • (EN) Liber Armadel

(EN) Liber Armadel

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The Grimoire of Armadel or the most perfect, shortest and most infallible secret cabala science, as speculative as practised by Armadel.

This Christian Cabala grimoire belonged to the Marquis de Paulmy (Antoine-René d'Argenson). The text is written in both Latin and Old French. The original manuscript contains 122 pages, plus pages A to D. In addition, it contains some similar material to the small manuscript entitled Opération des Sept Esprits des Planètes (Operation of the Seven Spirits of the Planets), which reveals the Art of invoking the 7 Olympian Spirits.

A work midway between the Solomonic Magic manuscripts and the Faustian Cabala grimoires...

The Arsenal Library considers that the original manuscript was written around January 1701, although the first pages of the manuscript bear the date July 1877. Samuel Liddell McGregor Mathers († 1854-1918) produced an English translation of the manuscript, now preserved at the Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, in Paris (Ms 2494). The alleged original author is the famous and mysterious 'Armadel', whose name appears in several manuscript titles, such as Ms Lansdowne 1202 or Les véritables Clavicules du Roi Salomon Par Armadel.

320 pages - The book contains a collection of rituals and invocations for summoning spirits and receiving Visions and Revelations. The book is divided into several sections, each devoted to a different aspect of Magic, such as Divination, Exorcism and the invocation of Archangels. The book concludes with a long chapter entirely dedicated to the Archangel Uriel invocation ritual and to divination (Oniromancy).

The Liber Armadel presented here in a complete English translation, including the entire original Latin text. This critical edition takes a completely new look over the very essence of the original manuscript text. This critical edition includes a large number of new features which are essential for a proper and practical application. Comparisons of the original texts based upon the two manuscripts preserved in the Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal. The 7 Archangel seals are corrected and redrawn.

Complete anastatic reprint of the original facsimile.

​The manscript describes the seals of the 7 Archangels as well as several seals of Aerial Spirits ( such as Leviathan, Samael and Lucifer), without omitting the seals of the 7 great Olympian Spirits ( such as Bethor, Ophiel and Aratron). The Liber Armadel's author undoubtedly had some knowledge in Hebrew, although this appears to be quite limited. On the other hand, he seems to have mastered Latin better. 


Author's Notes | 06 | Translation | 08 | Facsimile | 44 | Additional Notes | 58 | Tables of the Seals of the Spirits | 68 | Table of Magical Characters | 69 | Prayer | 289 | The Operation of Uriel Seraphim | 291 | The Seven Archangels' Seals Corrected | 295 | Illustration: Operation of Uriel Seraphim from MS.826 | 296 | Illustration: Operation of Uriel Seraphim from MS.2494 | 297 | Addendum: Prayer | 298 | Dismissal | 299 | Opening of the Operations of the Angel Uriel the Seraphim | 300 | Blessing of the Water 301 | Blessing of Salt | 302 | The Mixing of Salt and Water | 303 | 1st Minor Conjuration | 304 | 2nd Minor Conjuration

Author Armadel
Translator Segouin Jérémie
Illustrator Yosh Spiderdust
Contributor(s) Asterion, Steven L. Adams
Dimensions A5 (14.8 × 21 cm)
Cover Paperback
Print length 332
Fac-simile ✔️
Addendum ✔️
Illustrations B&W + Color
Publication date 2019
Limited print run 1st limited edition (50ex)

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